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I am currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow with the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM) at Georgia Tech, working with Prof. Sonia Chernova. I am also a member of the Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning (RAIL) Lab. I received my Ph.D. in "Robotics, Cognition and Interaction Technologies" jointly at University of Genoa and Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

My research is focused on investigating and developing novel Machine Learning approaches in Robotics. My research interests include Learning from Demonstration, Learning Reactive Behavior, Reinforcement Learning, Human-Robot Interaction, and Optimization Algorithms.

My main contributions to the field include:

  • - Trajectory Learning with Generalized Cylinders (TLGC) - 2016
  • - Visuospatial Skill Learning (VSL) - 2013

My Ph.D. thesis was dedicated to developing novel approaches in order to elevate the level of autonomy in robotic platforms. The proposed approaches enable robots to overcome uncertainties by learning new reactive behaviors and visuospatial skills.

I have published several conference/journal papers, most of which are listed and can be downloaded from my Publications page. A brief description of each paper is provided in the Research page. The proposed robot learning approaches have been validated using multiple robotic platforms. Related videos can be watched in the Videos page.


Mail: 801 Atlantic Dr, NW,College of Computing RM 255, Atlanta, GA, 30332
Office: CCB 255
Phone: +1 404-385-8553
Email: reza (dot) ahmadzadeh (at) gatech (dot) edu