CS 3630 - Introduction to Robotics and Perception

GeorgiaTech - Fall 2017

This course covers fundamental problems and leading solutions for computer and robot perception and action from the point of view of autonomous robot navigation. Topics are approached primarily from the point of view of autonomous robot navigation -- what and how must a robot perceive the world, and how can it use that information to navigate effectively. The only formal prerequisite is CS1332 Data Structures & Algorithms. Prior knowledge of fundamentals of linear algebra and probability is also assumed.

Instructor: Reza Ahmadzadeh
Office: CCB 255
Office hours: M 11:00-12:00, W 15:00-16:00

Teaching Assistants:
  • - Yang Tian
  • - Wade C. Sheldon
  • - Sriram Ganesan
  • - Jake Williams
  • - Kaan Goksal
  • - Felix Bai
  • - Kelsey Hawkins